Types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Biologically based therapies

Complementary medicine is a group do diagnostics and therapeutic medicines which is used with conventional medicines. Complimentary medicines can be used to get the right taught, which can be used in western medicine and also allow you to get included in a large number of practices and systems of health. Complementary medicine is different from the alternative as they are on a special diet to treat cancer which can undergo surgery, radiation, chemotherapy.

What is alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine practices can use the standard which can get you the right medical treatments. Alternative medicine which is distinct from complementary medicine which is meant to accompany, which can allow having standard medical practices. Alternative medicines which will allow you to have the right medical approach. There are many dietary requirements to help ensure that you have everything set for your overall healing.

There are five major categories in which one can divide complementary and alternative medicines.

Alternative medical systems

An alternative medical system is built upon a complete system of the theory, which when practised often will ensure that conventional medicine is approached in a holistic way. These are traditional ways which can make sure that you have the right medicines which will help you heal from inside.

Mind and Body Interventions

Mind and Body Interventions

Mind and body medicine are using a variety of techniques which can allow you to enhance the mind’s capacity, which can affect the bodily functions that can allow the patient to be at peace. The mind and mental healing are using many creative outlets which work as art, music and dance.

Biologically based therapies

Biologically based therapies use natural substances which are found in nature like herbs and foods. In this, you are provided with supplements, herbal; products and the use of natural and scientifically proven therapies to help keep your health at bay.

Manipulative and body-based methods

Manipulative and body-based methods are using movements to help keep your body moving. Example of manipulative and body-based methods includes chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation and massages.

Energy therapies

Energy therapies are basically of two types:

Biofield therapies are one which is intended to affect energy fields that surrounds and penetrate the human body. The existence of such field is not yet scientifically proven and manipulating the biofields can help by applying pressure on the body by placing the right hands. Some examples of Energy therapies are qi gong, Reiki and Therapeutic touch.

Bio-electromagnetic based therapies are the unconventional ways where the electromagnetic fields are used to pulsate the fields and alternate the current or direct the current to the body allowing the body the time and space to heal from inside.